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About Us and Our Policies

Neatishead and Barton Preschool are delighted to be able to offer preschool places for children aged 2-5yrs.


Please click on this link for a virtual tour of our premises.

We are a charity based preschool run by a Committee of parents and together with our wonderful team of staff we offer a  valuable learning experience which will be throughly enjoyed by your child.


Our preschool has been purpose built to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment.  We have indoor play, creative play, a 'Quiet Room', an outdoor play area and our famous 'Mud Kitchen'.  All our resources have been designed to inspire and encourage young children to develop their own learning. Alongside this we also have access to the neighbouring primary school's facilities. 


We run 3-session times per day 5-days per week during term time.  Session times are 8:45am - 12.00, 8:45am - 1pm or 8:45am until 2.30pm.


Our sessions start from £21.00 and can be government funded for children 2 or 3yrs and over subject to parents funding eligibility. Please do contact us for more information.


Registration Form - click to download


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